Citinet Limousine Service Offers Green Solutions

We now have 2 BioFuel/BioDiesel limo buses and Hybrid SUV’s in our growing Citinet Limousine Svc rental fleet. The addition of these vehicles is the first step in an on going program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This year we will be adding 10 more Hybrid, FlexFuel, BioFuel vehicles to our fleet.

Using vehicles that have the capability of running on a renewable fuel source is an initiative that not only helps reduce greenhouse gases but also enhances the nation’s economy and energy independence.

We are becoming more environmentally conscious by taking the steps to improve our environment, we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Besides the usage of alternative fuels our program includes a variety of other initiatives such as carefully monitored speed regulations for drivers, a no idling policy, and a fleet maintenance plan that ensures the cleanest possible emissions.

We have established an incentive program for our employees promoting the use of Public Transportation.

Going green at the office is very important. We are promoting the use of more email instead of faxing or mailing paper documents to preserve paper.

While washing our vehicles in our Citinet Limousine Svc Rental fleet, we use only eco-friendly products which have not been tested on animals and do not pollute the environment.

Citinet Limousine Service is currently involved in:

  • 100% Carbon Offsetting
  • Voluntary Reporting to the EPA
  • Use of FlexFuel/BioFuel vehicles
  • Use of Hybrid vehicles
  • A Carbon Emissions Inventory Assessment
  • Emissions Goal Setting (in conjunction with the EPA)
  • Integration of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Strategies
  • Recycling – For information on recycling